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About:Victoria Akkari Organic Culinary Argan Oil New York

About: Victoria Akkari



I always dreamt of traveling since I was a child. My mom had a friend who gave her stacks of travel books and I would sit in the basement where these books we kept, one stacked on top of another, flipping through each page imagining what it was like in every country.  This is where my story really begins only it settles in North Africa, in Morocco.

Wandering, in complete abandon, down streets that have existed for 1,000 years is where I discovered an elixir that would forever change me. One day I decided to purchase cosmetic argan oil and everyday I began to indulge my skin with this amazing oil, even putting it on my face; I never put oil on my face, having suffered from  skin problems most of life, oil was not an option but this made my skin look great and it didn’t break out! I purchased as much oil as I could from a little shop hidden down a narrow alleyway along with a bottle of the same type of oil that moisturized my skin except this one was roasted and edible. I decided to save that until I went home. One day as I was missing Morocco and all of my argan oil was gone, I decided to use the roasted culinary oil as I prepared dinner that night. I fell in love all over again! The flavor was different from anything I had tasted before; nutty with a hint of smokiness and it was very light, nothing at all like olive oil.  As I began researching my new discovery, I was astounded by all of the health benefits associated with argan oil and I couldn’t believe that I had never heard of it before! I had been longing for something new in my life, far away from my jewelry background and a pathway appeared, opening itself up for me and I decided to take it and this is where my new journey begins.