Women's Cooperative- Victoria Akkari Organic Culinary Argan Oil

Women’s Cooperative

The women from our Cooperative located in Agadir, Morocco pose for a quick photo. The image is a bit fuzzy but In the center, wearing the gray dress is Jamila, is the lovely lady that serves as the manager. We are very proud to have a direct partnership with these women and look forward to growing together and expanding our reach far beyond employment.

The first Women's Cooperative was established in 1996 by the most staunch supporter of the argan tree, Professor Zoubida Charrouf. Her tireless efforts of insuring the posterity of Morocco's precious argan forest and being a catalyst for improving argan oil production techniques have created a wonderful foundation for the argan tree to continue to flourish. Being a woman she understood the importance of establishing opportunities for other women who didn't previously have the ability to leave home and earn an income. The power gained from this means that these women can help support their family and that their children can further their education.

Declared a World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve in 1998 by UNESCO also bought awareness and a better understanding to the argan forest that sustains jobs for over two million people in Morocco, and stands as a barrier against the Sahara Desert by stopping soil erosion and surpressing the largest desert in the world.

We welcome  feedback and are always very happy to hear the reaction from customers that sample our organic culinary argan oil for the first time, especially when we do tastings at Abc Carpet and Home in New York City! As you feast upon this nutritious ancient oil, help us continue to empower these women with every bottle you purchase.

We thank you so much for your support and your generous kindness!

Victoria Akkari